Third - generation immigrant.  Proud American, blessed wife and mom of three, with a heart for education and a passion for American family values.

No one has a greater drive to see children succeed than first, their parents,  and secondly dedicated and passionate teachers.
I want to help restore the trust between parents and teachers by advocating for transparency and parental choice.  Parents have the right to know what’s going on in the classrooms. 
We need to reward students based on hard work, discipline and academic achievement.
 I oppose curriculums pushing any type of social "equity" programs, these victimize one group of children while demonizing another group, the opposite of true equity. We need to get back to teaching the fundamentals: reading, writing and arithmetic and leave social justice agendas out of the classrooms. We need to  leave medical/health decisions to the parents, not the state. We need to incorporate more classical literature and stop the sexualization of our children. We need a comprehensive plan that addresses school safety. We need to emphasize trade schools and prepare students to thrive in a competitve market. We need to make sure that teachers have all the resources they need in the classrooms and that they're being incentivized to do their job well, via a good paying wage. I will work hard to serve our community and represent our parents, students and teachers well.  I will make sure they have a trusted  voice on the school board.