Get to know me

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I was born in the U.S, after 3rd grade my mother moved us to the Dominican Republic, a very beautiful but impoverished island. At times, life was  tough but I am grateful for all the people I met and  lessons I learned  growing up in D.R. I traveled back to the U.S at the age of 18.  My gratitude for being back home was immeasurable. I developed a deep appreciation for how generous America is. How as a young nation, it overcame countless obstacles to become the leader of the free world. I quickly learned that American values are all about hard work, perseverance, faith in God and love for neighbor. I learned that if you apply yourself, you can open the door to so many opportunities and possibilities. In third world countries this is very difficult. So, I wholeheartedly embraced the land of the free and planted roots here, married my college sweetheart and had three beautiful kiddos. The life that I enjoy and am blessed with, is one that I would not have  experienced in Dominican Republic. I am very grateful. This is one of the reasons I  want to give back to my country because it has given so much to me.