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Parental Choice

Updated: Sep 26

Parents want the ability to exercise their God-given parental autonomy, the right to self-government in the home and over their children. Parents are responsible for their children, not institutions of any kind. Parents are responsible for their children's physical and mental well-being, not healthcare workers. Parents are the most important relationship in their children's lives. The parent-child relationship is ESSENTIAL to the child’s growth, well-being and success.

In the education field, the hired professionals and elected officials should be working in the best interest of the parent-child relationship. Multiple studies show the positive impact of parental involvement on a child's education and future. The success of a student is in the best interest of the parent and the educator. There are ways this can be accomplished creating a harmonious relationship between the parent and the schools. Schools can reinforce this valuable relationship by developing programs and activities that encourage and strengthen the parent-child bond.

Also, transparency fosters a healthy, positive relationship between the parents and schools. It is important that parents have full access to their child's curriculum. That they are notified with plenty of time of the required reading list. The option to opt in of any books that are age inappropriate should be required. Parents need to ensure that they are having regular communications with the teachers etc.

Ultimately, parents are the primary stakeholders, not the government and not businesses. Like any good company that listens to its customer base, the schools should take note to do the same. Parents are paying, via taxes, for a service and they have the right to demand a good return for their investments and to hold those in leadership accountable.

Parents, have the moral duty to protect their child's innocence and foster healthy curiosity. I know that sounds foreign in today's culture but it's a fight we will keep on fighting, regardless. Unfortunately, this isn't just a local issue but a state and national issue. However, we can still change this at the local level by getting involved: speaking up at board meetings, electing candidates that represent American family values, getting the word out, parents engaging others and remaining engaged in their child's education etc.. There is hope, but we need to do the work. If you have questions as to how you can get involved, click on my Connect page and send me a message.

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