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True Education

Updated: Jun 11

What happened to reading the classics? Teaching American history without an implicit bias? Teaching cursive writing, teaching Latin? Focusing on the academic development and achievement of the student versus trying to focus on the "whole" child, which by the way, is the parent's job?

As a mom, who taught her children for 14 years, I tried to research which were the best curriculums for my children. I sought out books that were appropriate but that would challenge them and encourage healthy dialogue. I wanted them to be readers, to be able to do basic math quickly, to learn how to reason and question. I wanted them to enjoy science. To understand their history and embrace all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. I wanted them to be thankful for the privilege of being an American and all the responsibilities it entails by teaching civics. I wanted to give them the tools they needed to prepare for the real world. We took the time to learn financial literacy which teaches real life skills related to handling money, how not to incur debts, how to start businesses, save for college etc. We taught the value of free markets by learning economics. I wanted them to understand the value of right perspectives and correct interpretations, to develop an appreciation for the classics which have so much depth and are written with literacy rigor unlike some of the books circulating today. I was seeking out a true education for my kids. I know that this is what every parent wants and might I add a lot of teachers as well. We all want children to succeed and to have the best available to them.

Our schools can do better at focusing on the academic side of things vs the heavy emphasis on the emotional, social side. This tasks teachers with responsibilities they were not trained for and takes away their opportunity to truly educate. The parent is mainly responsible for the emotional and social aspect of the child, not the school. Schools are academic institutions, not indoctrination centers, not mental health facilities. Our institutions unfortunately, have been swallowed up by social justice movements and third-party entities that seek to transform the foundation of what made America unique and exceptional. We cannot allow this to happen. If our children are learning in school that they are part of a collective, or that they are condemned/exonerated based on their skin color rather than learning they are unique individuals with values, rights and the freedom to make choices. If knowledge is pushed as a social construct and not as evidently objective. If the emphasis isn't on valuing our history, on academics, a strong work ethic, on thought processes that challenges the narrative etc... the outcome will be a mindset of ungratefulness, dependency, entitlement, victimhood, laziness, confusion etc...

I truly believe this can be changed at the local and national level, but it starts at home, we as parents MUST do the work. God created family as the first institution from which all other institutions stem and derive their significance. Not the other way around. It is our job as parents, to make sure our kids turn out to be well rounded individuals. We have the power to turn it around, these things are within our grasp. it's going to be an uphill battle but don't lose hope, fight on.

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